Sunday Morning Service 9:30am

Familiar worship format; exploring contemporary spirituality; inclusive, welcoming community.  Followed by morning tea in the courtyard.

Wednesday Night Meditation 6pm

Our weekly meditation group offers space for quiet reflection in a candlelit environment. This group has been meeting since 2011 and has always welcomed both beginning and experienced meditators. The structure of the meditation is simple, emphasizing breathing and contemplation. The meditation is attended by people of various faiths and no faith.

What to expect

Meditation begins at 6 pm and participants commonly arrive 5–15 minutes early for conversation and preparation.
The meditation is led by members of the group, and begins with music and the sound of the bell. A few words are said (sometimes a religious reading, sometimes poetry, sometimes guidance into breathing), leading us into stillness. After 30 minutes of silence, the bell signals the end of the meditation.  Afterward, a light supper is shared and all are welcome to join.

For more information, email at or phone 3358 6945


Coffee on the Street

Every Wednesday Murray will be at the Moray Café in New Farm from 10am, every Friday Murray will be at Café 63, New Farm at 10am.  Have something you’d like to talk about or just wanting some fun and fellowship?  No need to make an appointment, just come along.


Baptisms and Weddings

Please contact Murray on 0421 234 541 or email


Metropolitan Community Church

The Metropolitan Community Church meet in our church each Sunday evening at 7pm.  For more information contact or phone 3891 1388