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Methyr Road Uniting Church

Sustainability Statement

Merthyr Rd Uniting Church accepts the reality of climate science. We consider that climate change caused by humans is an urgent issue, particularly for young people.

Merthyr Rd Uniting Church commits itself to engage in sustainable practices such as installing solar panels, recycling, efficient building management systems and grey water reuse. However, there is always more that we can do.

Our vision is to actively engage members community in developing a sustainability in the community, our commercial interactions and the  environment to foster and inspire best practice and to emphasise the importance of preparing and empowering our members and our community to become responsible for contributing to a sustainable future.


  • To Provide Educational sessions that support and sustain the local community.
  • To provide our resources to other organisations that offer the community support, regeneration, and care.
  • To maintain a safe physical environment.
  • Support and empower our community members to offer compassion and care.


  • To offer a sustainability of the resources God has entrusted to us.
  • To buy locally where possible
  • To use suppliers that hold to similar values to our own.
  • To understand our suppliers supply chain to address modern slavery issues.


  • Reducing water consumption.
  • Optimising energy consumption.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Use renewable energy where possible.
  • Manage waste in a responsible manner.
  • Source bio-degradable alternatives to harmful chemical products.
  • Prioritising sustainable construction solutions.