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Methyr Road Uniting Church

Centre for Practical Spirituality – New Farm

The Centre for Practical Spirituality was founded by the Merthyr Road Uniting Church and has a range of friends and partnerships in the community. The Centre sponsors activities in mindfulness and meditation and runs corporate wellbeing–spirituality training, quiet days, and public forums.

Diversity enlivens our exploration of spirituality and the Centre for Practical Spirituality’s membership and programs include people of many faiths and no faith.

Here is what the Centre knows to be true and how they are responding:
• Australians express spirituality in a variety of ways so, we are open to difference and have wisdom to learn from experiences that are different from our own.
• Spirituality can be explored in the depth and fullness of life so, we apply critical intelligence to spiritual seeking.
• Spirituality is not religion so, we holistically integrate spirituality into a wide range of human activities.
• Religious traditions have guided people for millennia so, we learn from and partner with traditional institutions while having courage to seek beyond their bounds.
The offices of the Centre for Practical Spirituality are at Merthyr House, 52 Merthyr Road, New Farm.