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Methyr Road Uniting Church

Carer Fatigue

Free information morning – Tuesday 23rd April, 10am

In 2015 there were 2.8 million unpaid carers in Australia, with the majority of these being women.   Are you one of them?  If so, the person you are careing for could be a child with physical or cognitive disabilities, a parent or partner with Alzheimer’s, a sibling or child with a brain injury, or a friend who has suffered a stroke.

Generally, carers did not choose the caring role; it was something placed upon them by virtue of their relationship with the person in need of care.  Most carers had a different lifestyle before they became carers and have seen all, or most, of that old life vanish.  They might have had to stop work, interrupt their education, drop out of at least some parts of their social life, abandon hobbies, interests and plans for the future – all of which means they have experienced significant losses.  This in itself can lead to grief, although it is not always recognised as such.

Caring is intensely demanding and stressful, and carers tend to find they have little or no time for self care .  They are often told they need to look after themselves and believe people simply don’t understand how impossible that is.  However, over time, it is not unusual for a carer to find themselves becoming exhausted, empty, resentful, angry, lonely and depressed.  They wonder how long they can go on, but push themselves to continue doing so.  In short, they experience carer fatigue.

Emmet Fitzgerald says “Empathy is a finite resource.  You can run out.  As a normal, psychological response, you cannot give of yourself again and again and again without replenishing.”  Replenishing need not take a lot of time or energy, but it can make a big difference and enable a carer to keep going. 

To learn more about how you, or someone you know, can replenish your energy to enable you to keep caring Merthyr Rd Uniting Church invites you to a free information morning in the church hall from 10.00a.m. – 12.00p.m. on Tuesday 23rd April.  RSVP for catering purposes to or Ph. 3358 6945 by Thursday 18th April