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Methyr Road Uniting Church

Help stop human trafficking by joining us at our Fashion Swap

Swap or buy, and learn to play your part in making fashion free from human trafficking.

Saturday 30th September, 2017, 11am to 3pm

When did you last purchase a new item of clothing? Did you at the same time discard one item already in your wardrobe? Maybe you think they are too good to give away, but you know you may never wear them again.

Did you know that a young girl of 14 may have been trafficked to make your cotton shirt? She may have been physically, emotionally and sexually abused and forced to work often up to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week or more without the compensation she was promised. Once recruited, she may have found herself trapped within a factory for up to five years. Two out of three of these girls never receive the promised lump-sum payment.

We don’t know if someone who has been trafficked has made the clothes we wear. Throughout the supply chain of a garment, workers are physically, emotionally and sexually harmed and abused. Stop the Traffik is a global movement fighting to prevent, protect and prosecute on behalf of trafficked people all around the world.

You can help raise funds for Stop the Traffik by joining us at our Fashion Swap. Choose some quality items that you no longer need from your wardrobe, bring them along and swap for an equal number of items. Your participation in the Fashion Swap will raise funds to help to prevent the harm and abuse these young girls experience for the sake of our fashion desires. Why not bring some friends, have Devonshire tea together and have fun choosing your new wardrobe!

Entry fee $15, concession $7.50. Devonshire tea available for $5.
Tickets available at the gate.
If you have no clothes to swap but would like to participate, then you may pay $15 and receive 3 tokens for 3 items in return.

Bring clothes to swap. For every item you bring you will receive a token to choose an item.


Choose items of clothing you loved but no longer wear for some reason – maybe they no longer fit or were part of a different stage of your life. Clothing should be in good condition, clean, folded or ironed. Items should be free of all faults. Make sure you don’t forget to clean out the pockets.

Invite some friends to join you to hear more about preventing human trafficking and grab yourself a new wardrobe.

For more information, email: